Friday, 14 October 2011

Black Swan (English) - Movie Review

Ballet performances if not intense are a big bore and that was one reason by watching a film based on ballet dance was not really priority. But I was pulled why the cover of the DVD and set on to watch this 2010 psychological thriller by Darren Aronofsky starring Nataile Portman in the lead – Black Swan.

Black swan is the story of a young ballet dancer, Nina, who works with a top ballet company in NYC. The company is about to start the new season with the production of Swan Lake. The director of the company, Thomas, wants a new lead dancer to perform the dance of Swan Queen. He requires a ballerina who can dance both the parts - of the fragile, innocent white swan as well as the conniving, sensual twin black swan. While Nina is perfect to play the part of the white swan another dancer Lily is perfect to play the part of the black swan. As the girls compete for the part, though not perfect for the part Thomas selects Nina as the ballerina to play the swan queen as an incident after the auditions shows Thomas a dark side of the fragile Nina.  Soon after strange incidents start happening, which were nothing by very strong hallucinations of Nina. The darker side in Nina’s personality along with the hallucinations start taking a grip on her resulting in strained relationships all around her and odd, erratic, insecure behaviour from her. All this peaks and creates havoc during the act on the opening night threatening to destroy everything that Nina held dear.

The movie is just so gripping that I just did not leave the couch. It is intense, disturbing, uninhibited, dark & deep. It takes you on a rollercoaster into the depths of the mind of a ballerina. How she in the desire to fit the role goes through a complete psychological upheaval and reaches into the depths of darkness in her own mind. The film in a sense leaves you numb with a fact-in-the-face that the white as well as the black swan in within us. We should never let either take over.

Kudos to Director Darren Aronofsky. It takes a mature mind to make movies starring minds.  Nataile Portman was Nina to the T. Kudos again.

iVerdict: Excellent. Must Watch.
Rating: 4.5/5    

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