Friday, 14 October 2011

Marykkundoru Kunjadu (Malayalam) - Movie Review

The Thrissur trip this time was full of movies, infact to be precise 5 Malayalam movies in 2 days. The final one that I watched was – Marykkundoru Kunjadu (Mary has a Little Lamb) by Shafi starring Dileep, Bhavana and Biju Menon in the lead roles. Though I am not the biggest fan of Dileep I did find the name cute enough to watch.     

The story takes place in a small village settling on a hill in Kerala and has two Mary’s and one little lamb. Ofcourse not a love triangle because one Mary is the Little Lamb/ kunjaad Solomon’s mother and the other is his lover who is Ittichan, a Rich Landlord’s daughter. Mary has been in love with Solomon since childhood but she knows that Solomon can never fight her father and brother’s for her because of his nature. Solomon is an innocent soul who is afraid of literally everything including the school going kids in his village and hence is nicknamed Kunjadu (little lamb). Ittichan (Mary’s father) is very supportive of the love between Mary and Solomon not because he wants to get Mary married to Solomon but because of a past Ittichan and Solomon’s mother Mary share. Ittichan was engaged to Solomon’s mother but she finds out about Ittichan’s infidelity a day before their wedding and in revenge marries Solomon’s father. Ittichan still has a soft spot for Solomon’s mother. He is supportive of his daughter’s and Solomon’s love affair because he wants they love to reach its peak and then get his daughter married to someone else so that Solomon feels the same pain that he felt when he lost Solomon’s mother. In between all this fight for a less beaten body by Solomon a mysterious man lands up at their village and eventually in Solomon’s house and all of them assume him to be Solomon’s elder brother who had run away from home in his teens. Solomon gets an image makeover in the village with this mysterious body builder of a man by his side but his actions remain very ambiguous and start haunting & behaviourally changing Solomon out of fear for his family.

This is another movie that though not endowed with the best of performances manages to scrape through because of the thriller part in the script. Dileep, Bhavana are very conventional in their performances but Biju Menon as the mysterious man has an author-backed role and delivers it to the T. Though the story starts off very conventionally and we expect Dileep to win over his cowardness somehow, the script takes a complete and realistic U-turn with Biju Menon coming in and the mystery unravelling in the climax packs the punch.   

All in all a good entertainer.

iVerdict: Good. One time watch    
Rating: 2.5/ 5

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