Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Christian Brothers (Malayalam) - Movie Review

The stellar superstar cast of the movie was one reason why I really wanted to watch this movie. Christian Brothers – brings together Mohan Lal, Suresh Gopi, Dileep, Sharath Kumar and Kavya Madhavan together along with other character actors. A multi starrer, big budget film but disappointing watch.

The story revolves around a rich, retired Army officer - Palamattathu Varghese Mappala and his family. Mappala has two sons and two daughters – Christy, Jogy, Jessy and Stella. While Christy is a police informer in Mumbai, Jogy is sent to Italy to study for becoming a father, Jessy is married to a guy in Mumbai and Stella is at home with her father. Things take a dramatic twist when Jogy drops out of his course because he has fallen in love with Meenakshi and Jessy dies under suspicious circumstances. Christy is framed for his sister’s death by his brother-in-law and old Mappala believes the son-in-law over the son. There is a land mafia and his sons ready to do anything and killing the world over for a land which is bestowed to the local church and the papers of which lie in the safe in Mappala’s house. Meenakshi, who is also Kerala Home Minister’s daughter, is sent back home to Kerala from Italy because her relationship with Jogy has come to light and is kidnapped from the airport. The home minister asks for Christy’s help so he comes to Kochi. Jogy also comes back from Italy because Meenakshi is in Kochi. Christy finds out that the kidnapper is his brother-in-law. So the battle shifts from Mumbai to Kochi. Christy rescues Meenakshi but his brother-in-law is killed and Christy is framed with murder. Christy’s friend from Mumbai rescues him from police custody. Meanwhile an honest but bully police officer is Incharge of Christy’s case and he is also married to Stella. Meanwhile, Christy will not leave Kochi without finding his brother-in-law’s murderer and clearing his name.  

Christian Brothers is a case of two many cooks. The story line has too many layers and the unraveling is in a complicated manner. In the end the audience is left with a feeling that it was a complicated, very complicated story. The performances by all the actors in their individual capacities are really good but the film as a whole should have been better edited. The film completely relies on its star power and masala entertainment. The script should have been better worked on.

Christian Brothers does not work for me owing to its script and editing. I was felt with a feeling – when will this end!! Disappointed Joshiy.

iVerdict: Avoidable.
Rating: 1.5/ 5   

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