Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (Hindi) - Movie Review

Mere Brother ki Dulhan (MBKD) had held my curiosity from the time the project was announced in the form of the first look in Bombay Times for not very proud reasons. I really wanted to find out what two near non-actors (Imraan Khan and Katrina Kaif) and a debutant director (Ali Abbas Zafar) can put together for Yash Raj Films that will garner footfalls at the theatres.

MBKD is basically a triangle of three characters as the title suggests. There is mere namely Kush, brother namely Luv and Dulhan namely Dimple. Luv and Kush are brothers (and no there father is not named Ram! He is luckily named Col. Agnihotri) Luv works in London and Kush is assistant director in Mumbai. In a moment of impulsive decision making Luv asks Kush to find a bride for him from India and promises to marry any girl he chooses for his brother. Col. Agnihotri is apprehensive of this decision on his elder son but still plays on and after much disaster after disaster the Agnihotri’s land up at the Dixit’s where they meet the prospective bride – Dimple. Kush is shaken up to see the bride-to-be, quite literally, as he remembers her from a meeting some years back and finds it difficult to imagine her as his brother’s wife going by the image of the girl he remembered her to be from their earlier tryst. As fate would have it the marriage is fixed and as always in bollywood Kush and Dimple fall for each other. So the brother-in-law-to-be and the bride-to-be are in love and they need to get married without hurting anyone in the families. So a plan is hatched which involves getting Luv’s ex-girlfriend from London to India, a lot of mis- convincing’s on both sides, an error-full flow put right.

MBKD is similar in treatment to another rom-com Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani and Katrina is the common factor and so is her performance. The film is entertaining is its genre and the lead actors – Imraan Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar enthral in their characters well. Though you will find some over acting in parts by Katrina and Ali and some under acting by Imraan, the film is overall entertaining. The music is another plus point of the film. All the songs of the film are catchy and go well with the story line, though my personal favourite is the title track.

Deffo an entertainer.

iVerdict: Good. One time watch
Rating: 2.5

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